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Liviu Rebreanu - forest hanging

Alan's Rebreanu appearance in literature is a moment of fork.
. Analyzed this time, Tudor Vianu considered "role samanatoristilor was closed and Delavrancea, Duliu Zamfirescu and Bratescu-Voinesti their dadusera measure their Sadoveanu ontinua only grow in the fundamentals placed before May.

Representing pure epic, Alan Rebreanu marks a new phase of Realism romanesc: "Never romanesc realism, before Rebreanu not knock vziune a bleak life in May, infruntand with more courage and dezgustatorul ugly, just as in the newest variety of European Realism , raw naturalism French Russian su "(Tudor Vianu). Eugen Lovinescu realisul of tough talk from operalui Rebreanu, the originality of his great epic construction of objectivity prose.

Liviu Rebreanu in his designs people come with their own life, he is closer to the mystery of eternity.

About style "I prefer to either rough and mean in what I actually just be neutral and sanders. It's much easier to write than just nice" (Liviu Rebreanu). Both Rebreanu Liviu C. Petrescu and may have a style characterized by sobriety, purity and precision are considered writers anticalofili (against elegant writing).

Apostol Bologa, a young man in Parva, near Nasaud, animated romantic adventure is inroleaza volunteer on the frontline during World War I, to prove his love fiancée, Marta, and he is able to strive with ulanii Hungarians, after Nimi chosen which gave its in the wind.

On the front in Galicia, he covers the bravura, being decorated and advanced to the lieutenant. . It is then co-opted by the Court martial, Where condemn with all convince to death by hanging, the lieutenant Czech Svoboda.

. After execution, find the new company commander, Captain Klapka, reasons for Svoboda tried to runaway. From this moment begins to have qualms of conscience. Trying to find new arguments and rationale ii obsession increases anxiety and guilt becomes excruciating.

Then finding that regiment and will be sent to the Romanian front, it decides to runaway, is wounded and interned in the hospital.Unguroaica love with Ilona, Vidor hearst daughter in the house which is billet, Bologa break, during convalescent leave engagement with Marta.

Shortly after the return to unity, is called back to court-martial. Now was to be judged some villagers, is considered a spy because he lived his work ogoarele prohibited from conventional lines of the Austro-Hungarian army. Bologa can not bear the thought of being complicit in the conviction of innocent people and decides to runaway. Is caught, convicted and hung.

Structural compositional result is a book after the lines of a classical building, upward. Description atmosphere gray autumn day symbolically open road in his consciousness Apostol Bologa. He is hung like a martyr of the nation. Epic discourse is constituted by a scheme obsession, alternating with the chronological time psychologically.

Interior monologue and psychological survey, conducted from the perspective of authors, setting up the hero's tragic fate. Passages describing melancholy atmosphere of the front or cenusie nature and of a dull autumn day are in line with the thoughts and trairii hero, or tragic destiny prefigurand. Such ILCaragiale of such notice T. Vianu, Liviu Rebreanu notation organic approach "found process, gives a much more use of the intinsa" ( "Apostol Bologa is made of red and making memory stick and look on the face of the master. He heard heart beat like hammers ").

Symmetry whole epic of the forest hanging, otherwise, and other novels, unveils monumental constructions vocation. Image spanzuratorii (element that appears 20 times throughout the work), which opens and closes the novel, suggests the highest moments of tragicului.

The book is Guided by three principles:

Premise: Apostle citizen is a part of the larger self of the state, a wheel of a big machine, man is not nothing, but according to the state.

Medium term: Apostle Roman becomes: when the state is unreal and something happens, being able to meet oamnei foreign soul and aspirations, is a kind of love ixzolare even instinctively. The state does not require love, but only human devotion and discipline, when a nation preupune brotherly love.

Conclusions: Apostle becomes man: among people, their individual self or find the good in which salasluieste miles and love for all mankind. Only in a consciously poater life I love the sea - the universal - religious people.

Psychological novel

Forest hanging novel is a drama of consciousness of man put face to face with history necrutatoare. On the background of the tragic events of the First World War, young Apostol Bologa - Romanian Transylvania integrated in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire, lived experience with existential implications; notions within them: life, death, love, duty, God, suffering and redemption schmba their content.

Rebreanu made his hero's life presented at the second time:

- Appeared in past retrospective on childhood and teenage character

- This includes the last of life, so that - reprimanded inner side of a fault that was in his condemnation Svoboda - Bologa and headed toward him hanging.

The character of consciousness begins in the very moment of execution Svoboda, Bologa when "all clear that the flame of condamnatului eyes and trickle in the heart of a painful reproach. Subsequently, bravand of the need to demonstrate to those around and especially sies to which the accuracy of sentence subscription character confirms that trust is tossing. Moreover, intalnireacu Klapka play an important role in the evolution of mind and after Bologa first confession ii grounds move his Russian front, a new bid, knead his soul nesmtite "will make lieutenant novel to see the war differently :. il germinate an idea in mind as a hook: what is he doing here? " Shape is still on now, the great drama of Bologa: disparity between the theory to the homeland and the reality of a cruel war.

Real awakening of a young ethnic consciousness novel is going when it is notified that after a few days, the division will be moved in front of Transylvania. Gandul is dezertarii infiltrate your mind first nebulous, as an opportunity to become a court when Gen. ii reject move to another front.

Dynamic experience of the hero is spiritually and observed during two key events. The first was the discussion with a German prisoner and brought to Lunca questioned Apostol Bologa serves as interpreter and prisoner words ( "but you as the Romans") ii wake up in the deep soul need disculpare. In these conditions, desertion is one of the possible forms of salvation, the only one who sees.

The second event is the convening of Bologa Division at Headquarters, to be part of the court martial that was to condemn some peasants accused of espionage. Way to do with car headquarters is one of the best pages of the novel; expand into what he sees ochul, that the seven peasants are multiplied hooked forever, and go get incredible proportions little later, overwhelmed by the impression of similarity hanging, "Apostol quake () is called and then e Svoboda's eyes. Day's faustian Bologa start and to not finish a pact with the devil tries to runaway in the same night, on the Romanian front, but is caught, tried and convicted. The author aims - with a rare psychological penetration force last hours of the existence of character: invalmasirea thoughts, waiver of defense, go up to the execution place, where moments condamnatul not recognize his own name written on the cross until the light of apotetica final broke out of his eyes Bologa, with the first rays of soarelu, like a new man in Genesis is projected on the background Universe.

Forest hanging is built entirely on a scheme obsession, destiny hero dirijand depths of subconscious" (Tudor Vianu).

Obsession is installed in helping out with the scene of spanzuratorii Svoboda: when death a great light is spreading the figure and "eyes shining with white face and light, seem like people want to vesteasca a great victory." From that moment, his thirst Bologa is light, it becomes the "voice" to the character of people who headed a hallucinating. .

Calling neantului be heard once the moment of arrival at his place of execution time, raising the eye sees a shining white spanzuratorii the "loom something strange."

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